Last modified by Simon Urli on 2023/10/09

User Guide

Dedicated for standard users of the wiki. It contains a Getting Started Guide and a reference to the Features, in addition to videos and tutorials.

Admin Guide

Provides general information for administrators that need to customize and administer their XWiki installation (authentication, DB, performance tuning, etc.)

Developer Guide

Details how to develop in-wiki applications or how to integrate other software with XWiki. Contains details on how to insert scripts into XWiki pages. 

If you need more help with your wiki or you'd like to get in touch with the community please visit the Support for more information. If you still have a question after reading these guides, check our FAQ.

Projects and Extensions

The web site is organized by projects and extensions, each having their own site. Every site holds the documentation for its projects:

You can also check external articles and documentation about XWiki.

Information regarding the Open Source development of the XWiki Platform itself or to XWiki related projects and extensions can be found on the Development wiki and on the Contrib wiki.

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