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Last modified by Manuel Leduc on 2022/03/18

There are several ways to navigate to a page in XWiki:

If you don't see the page you're looking for, it's probably because the page is a technical page which is hidden by default (note that you can make hidden pages visible by adjusting your profile). You can also type the xxxh key combo to toggle show/hide hidden pages.

Navigation Panel

This is a panel that is active by default in the Flamingo skin and that presents a tree-view of all pages in the wiki.


Page Index

The Page Index offers 2 views to find pages:

  • The Table view


  • The Tree view


Children list

This page list the children of a given page and can be accessed using the hamburger menu at the top right of a page, on pages with children.

Screenshot of the children entry in the page hamburger menu.

Screeshot of the children page.

Siblings list

This page list the siblings of a given page and can be accessed using the hamburger menu at the top right of a page, on terminal pages.

Screenshot of the siblings entry in the page hamburger menu.

Screeshot of the siblings page.


Each page displays a breadcrumb at the top where you can find the position of the current page in the hierarchy. This allows you to:

  • Navigate to parent pages by clicking links in the breadcrumb


  • Navigate to sibling pages by opening the contextual menu inside each breadcrumb element



You can use either:

Jump To Page

By using a keyboard shortcut you can summon a popup in which you can pick a page to view or edit.



By using the backlinks in the information panel, which list pages of the current wiki with a link to the current page, or that include an attachment from the current page.


Direct URL

If you know the reference of the page you wish to navigate to, you can directly forge a URL to navigate to it.

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